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Aberfeldy has a rich heritage which can still be seen across the town in historical buildings such as the Watermill. While the Watermill is not still used as a mill, it is in use as a beautiful bookshop. In fact, the New Yorker lists the Watermill Bookshop as one of the ’75 Greatest Bookshops in the World’.

The Watermill Bookshop was opened in 2005. It was after the owners saw the derelict oatmeal mill. As a listed building it was essential to maintain the character and rich heritage. The owners, Kevin and Jayne Ramage, envisaged the mill as a great place to celebrate books, music and art.

In 2005, the Watermill Bookshop was opened by Michael Palin as the perfect place to relax and get lost in the world of music, literature and art while enjoying a cup of coffee from the coffee shop. By 2009, the Watermill Bookshop was awarded as the UK Independent Bookshop of the Year. In fact, visitors and locals alike love the fact that you can lose track of time while relaxing and enjoy refreshments from the coffee shop after browsing the selection and pondering your purchases.

As well as books, you can find Homer. Homer is a homeware shop full of new and vintage items to enhance your home. Not only do the shops and café have enough to keep you entertained, the Watermill Bookshop regularly promotes local events, talks and exhibitions. Furthermore, the art gallery regularly changes their exhibitions, so there is always something new to explore.

For residents and visitors of Aberfeldy, the Watermill Bookshop is definitely a must-visit and a place where you can while away an hour or two in a pleasant environment. However, the Watermill Bookshop also has a sister shop in Fort William called the Highland Bookshop for those who love their experience at the Watermill Bookshop in Aberfeldy.

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The hotel is located outwith the village of Aberfeldy in a rural Location, 15 mins walk from the centre, with outlook onto the Tay Valley.

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