Castle Menzies

Castle Menzies is a spectacular sixteenth century Scottish castle, restored during the twentieth century by the Menzies Clan. Architecturally fascinating, it is a splendid Renaissance example of the transition in Scottish castles from earlier rugged Highland fortresses to later mansion houses.

Just outside of the town of Aberfeldy is the hamlet of Weem. Despite seeming a small and unassuming hamlet, it was important as an ancestral seat in Scotland and is the home of Castle Menzies. Just a short distance from Chraggs, you can discover the history and heritage of Castle Menzies and get to know more about this area in Highland Perthshire.

Castle Menzies was built in the sixteenth century. However, it was built very close to the former site of Weem Castle which was destroyed in 1502. Castle Menzies was then strategically built to protect the Highlands and the Clan Menzies. For over 500 years, Castle Menzies was the seat of the Chiefs of Clan Menzies.

The castle saw a great deal of action, particularly during the turbulent clan clashes of Highland Scotland. As well as hosting Clan Menzies, the castle also had many famous visitors such as Bonnie Prince Charlie, who stayed in Castle Menzies on his way to the 1746 Battle of Culloden.

Castle Menzies has been retained in some form since the sixteenth century, however in 1957 the Menzies Clan Society set to restore the castle to its former glory. You can still see the marriage stone above the entrance which was carved to record the 1571 marriage between James Menzies and Barbara Stewart.

Castle Menzies now welcomes visitors who can enjoy a range of architectural features through the ages from the Highland fortress to renaissance style. The castle guardians allow you to roam freely throughout the castle at your leisure, with almost every room accessible to explore. As a relaxed visit, you can take your time to soak up the history, marvelling at the shot holes, original timbers and stone carvings.

As well as day visitors, Castle Menzies can also be used for weddings and private hire.


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