Fishing on River Tay

Where to go salmon fishing on the Upper Tay beats near Aberfeldy

Fishing - Upper Farleyer

The Upper Farleyer beat is one of the best beats on the Upper Tay. It comprises of single (left) bank fishing commencing at the junction of the Tay and the Lyon and extending 1.25 miles downstream, opposite the Bolfracks beat

The Lower Farleyer Beat is the lower half of what used to be called Farleyer Fishings, it is the sister beat to Upper Farleyer. It comprises single (left) bank fishing commencing Dalrawer farm and extending 1.7 miles downstream, opposite the Bolfracks Beat. There is also 600 yards on the South bank at the Haugh of Bolfracks, opposite the fishing hut.



Our Location

The hotel is located outwith the village of Aberfeldy in a rural Location, 15 mins walk from the centre, with outlook onto the Tay Valley.

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