Highland Safaris & Loch Tay Safaris

While your stay at Chraggs in Aberfeldy will make to most of the beautiful Highland Perthshire scenery, Highland Safaris and Loch Tay Safaris are an excellent way to get up close and personal with the landscape and experience the Highlands rather than simply admiring the beauty. Highland Safaris offer a range of different activities that are fun for all the family.

Mountain safari

Head to the heights of the Highlands to explore the mountainous areas of Highland Perthshire. With a safari ranger and a 4x4 vehicle, you can head to the top of the hills to enjoy breath-taking views of the landscape below. Cameras and binoculars are a must as you try to spot the famous Scottish wildlife such as the majestic Golden Eagle soaring high in the sky or the red deer or grouse that call this habitat their home.

You can make your mountain safari a luxury experience by choosing a private charter or adding a picnic so that you can have lunch with an inspirational mountain view.

Loch Tay safari

A short distance from Aberfeldy in Loch Tay, where you can enjoy a Loch Tay safari on the water. The boat trip keeps you dry and keeps you comfortable while you get to see the loch from a unique perspective and understand more about the history and folklore of Loch Tay. As well as understanding the history and life on the loch, you can also spend the cruise spotting wildlife and enjoying the natural beauty of the area.

For shorter journeys when the time is limited, why not try the forest safaris which will take you deep into the woodland around Aberfeldy to spot red squirrels, red deer and roe deer that reside in the ancient Caledonian pine forest. As well as the tours, Highland Safaris also offer a range of activities for kids such as a play area and tractor park.


Our Location

The hotel is located outwith the village of Aberfeldy in a rural Location, 15 mins walk from the centre, with outlook onto the Tay Valley.

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