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For those looking for water sports and loch activities, Kenmore village makes the most of the beautiful 14-mile Loch Tay. Furthermore, Kenmore village is just a short distance away from the bustling centre of Aberfeldy where Chraggs is based.

For visitors wanting to make the most of Loch Tay, Kenmore is the place to go. While it may be a small Highland Perthshire village, Kenmore has a lot of offer. Activities available in Kenmore include sailing, canoeing, jet and water skiing. As well as these thrill-seeking activities there are plenty of leisurely and relaxed activities too with loch fishing available on Loch Tay too. For those who prefer dry land, Kenmore also has walks and golf courses nearby.

While Kenmore is a small village, it has several amenities for you to make the most of your day. There are cafes and a small selection of restaurants, such as the Courtyard Restaurant. As well as eating establishments, you can also find several shops offering fresh and local produce to enjoy everything that Perthshire has to offer.

One of the main attractions in Kenmore and Loch Tay is the Scottish Crannog Centre. This is a must-see attraction to understand more about ancient, loch-dwelling life. The Scottish Crannog Centre has reconstructed the wooden houses that were built on stilts in the loch. These are an accurate reconstruction of the dwellings that you could have seen over 2,500 years ago.

The Scottish Crannog Centre not only have these dwellings to see, but the team also offers tours and a range of interactive exhibitions so you can really understand what loch-dwelling life was like. From the construction to hunting to defence mechanisms using a retractable gangway, there is plenty to explore. It is no surprise that the Scottish Crannog Centre is one of the best visitor attractions in the country and is a must-see when you are staying in Aberfeldy.


Our Location

The hotel is located outwith the village of Aberfeldy in a rural Location, 15 mins walk from the centre, with outlook onto the Tay Valley.

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