Weem Walks

Situated near the village of Weem is Weem Wood. Managed by the Forestry Commission with convenient amenities such as picnic tables, bike stands and a car park, Weem Wood is a beautiful spot to get back to nature and enjoy an invigorating walk. There are many trails to take around Weem Wood, and a popular choice is a circular route through the woodland, simply titled Weem Wood Walk.

Weem Wood Walk takes you for a relatively steep climb where you can walk through Weem village and climb higher to get a great vantage point across some of the most beautiful sights in Scotland. The walk itself also has some fascinating points of interest too. For example, Weem Wood Walk will take you to an open plateau which is where you’ll find carved Cup-Marks. Cup-Marks are also known as rack art, and petroglyphs but people are still not sure of their purpose.

Cup-Marks are found across Scotland and are almost always carved in a place which has an open view such as a plateau overlooking the sea or a loch. Some believe Cup-Marks are magic, while others think they were used for sacrificial purposes. Others argue that Cup-Marks were used as a tuning device. What is interesting is that the carvings will tend to have astrological alignment. Along your walk in Weem Wood, you can see the carvings for yourself and make your own mind up as to their purpose.

As well as Cup-Marks, the walk also has other great features. At the plateau, there is a great view of the stunning Castle Menzies. As you descend down from the hill, there is an opportunity to see many sculptures in the forest such as the Sleeping Dragon. The dragon sculpture pays homage to the ancient wonder of Weem Wood and the legends of dragons and demons that supposedly lived in the caves in the forest.

At one of the caves in Weem Wood, you can find St David’s Well which is a natural spring and is the place of many stories such as the tale of St Cuthbert and the David, the hermit who was once the chief of Clan Menzies.


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